Director BIO: Margarita Milne (WHEN SHE WAS GOOD)

Margarita Milne is a writer-director from London. She recently graduated from the NFTS with a Directing Fiction MA, for which she was awarded a scholarship from the David Lean Foundation. She also has a BA in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. Her first short film, La La Means I Love You, was nominated for Best U25 and Best Director at Underwire 2018, and she has since made four short films. Margarita’s interests lie in psychological thrillers and docu-fictions. She is also a photographer and singer. Prior to the NFTS, she was a Develop Ambassador for The Photographers’ Gallery and has continued her music project, Margie, while studying at the school.

Director Statement

For many children, finding out that Santa Claus is not real is a defining childhood trauma. As we researched the film, we found that this revelation is particularly traumatic for children who don’t figure it out on their own. Those who are told, taken totally by surprise, are often left feeling most upset and disorientated.

For Riley, the discovery is particularly tragic because her childhood has already been stolen away from her. She is now forced to confront her family’s complicity in the lies. We wanted to tell a story of childhood sexual abuse through the vehicle of Santa because Santa is a lie most of us uphold and promote, and so many victims of sexual abuse speak of their inability to tell the truth. When push comes to shove, how easy is it to always tell the truth – and do we like hearing it?

We shot this film during the Covid-19 pandemic and are proud of the results. We hope you enjoy the film.

Director BIO: Dimitri Luedemann (WANDER)

Dimitri was born in Brazil and immigrated with his family to California during his teenage years. After spending 10+ years as a Motion Designer, where he has worked for some of the top studios in New York, he decided to venture into Cinematography and Directing. Dimitri felt it was time to return to what once inspired him to get started exploring animation and graphic design in the first place which was music videos and film. He spent quite a few years working just behind the camera as DP before venturing out to direct his own projects, which include a few award winning music videos, commercials and short films.

Director Statement

We wanted to explore a journey into the unknown on this experimental short using the desert as our backdrop for intense moments of introspective insight about what are the things that really matter for us at the end. We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you! Dimitri + Rosália.

Director BIO: Vincent Richard (FURTIF)

I think everybody is concerned by this subject. Humans are not respecting nature and animal. I don’t say that hunting is bad, I just think that the way human torture animals and doesn’t respect nature by trapping and everything that is related to this must change. It can also be seen on a metaphorical way by showing there’s always consequences when you don’t respect nature. Exactly like it has been done with native people and climate changes.