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DRIVEN, 105min., Brazil, Documentary
Directed by Pedro McCardell

After a lifetime of physical accomplishments that include teaching himself to walk at age 7, Getúlio wants to show others that anything is possible.
Set in the Dolomites mountain range in northern Italy, the documentary follows the young Brazilian boy Getúlio Felipe, 14, who has cerebral palsy, along with his friend and director Pedro McCardell, and Italian mountain guide Alessio Nardellotto, while the trio takes on the challenge of climbing the highest peak in the Cordillera: the Marmolada mountain.
For the past four years, Getúlio has trained his body and mind to prepare for the challenge.

Director Biography – Pedro McCardell

“Pedro McCardell is a documentary filmmaker born in Brazil and has studied English Literature at Oxford University. He worked on countless projects, from photography and communications to complex algorithm development. He always craved outdoor activities and in 2017 he rode from Brazil to California on a motorcycle alone”.

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