FEATURE FILM Festival: Sunday November 28th – Stream for FREE all day.

Bookmark this page and come back at midnight EST on November 28th watch this amazing festival. Then you’ll have 30 hours to watch. Then the link shuts down.

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, 87min., Documentary
Directed by Daniel Gartzke

A hidden epidemic affects nearly ten percent of the American population daily and for those it grasps, hope can seem like a distant dream.

In a message of hope, the film provides an opportunity of support to so many who may be struggling through difficult mental health conditions; and by means of storytelling will offer a platform for education, discussion, and healing of one of the most common diagnosis in our country. By combining the expertise of Neurologists, Psychologists, and other experts, with the experiences of Survivors and their families, Light in the Darkness will reintroduce PTS to the national conversation at a time when trauma and mental health are meant to take center stage.

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