ANIMATION Festival Script Reading: Don’t Put Momma Bear In The Zoo, by R. Agalawatta

FEEDBACK Animation Film & Screenplay Festival

Momma bear ( from the 3 bears) has to confront getting elderly, and having her helper visit – a grown up Goldilocks.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Momma Bear: Kyana Teresa
Goldilocks: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

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1st Scene TV Festival Script Reading: Charlatans, by Jimmy Prosser, Rohan Shankar

TV Screenplay Festival. Submit Today.

Three families confront a shared past of deceit and betrayal to salvage their present relationships and the future direction of the Mormon Church.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Terry : Allan Michael Brunet
Beth : Hannah Ehman

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1st Scene TV Festival Script Reading: Guns & God, by Rain Story

TV Screenplay Festival. Submit Today.

A powerful Bible-belt family protects its gun empire, cultural traditions, and constitutional right to bear arms not only from the liberals next door but also from changing gun laws.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Colton/Activists/Willie : Steve Rizzo
Activists/Radio Host : Allan Michael Brunet
Catherine : Hannah Ehman

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FEATURE FILM: ALASKA LONG HUNTERS, Audience FEEBACK from Nov. 2020 Chicago Film Festival

Directed by Mark Rose

This award winning story follows the life of a young pilot who flew in Alaska’s frontier arctic. Experience the front-seat thrills of bush planes and helicopters operating in the most dangerous conditions on earth, airborne among the magnificent mountains, glaciers and rivers that only Alaska has to offer. Includes true-life experiences of accidents, comradeship, humor and heartbreak of life in early Alaska, gone forever when dismantled into parks in the 1980’s. Based on the book Last of the Long Hunters by Mark Rose, the scene opens with an early history of the Great Land and those that lived in it through interviews with several life-long Alaskans, including Hilda Lidner, Ray Atkins and Gale Ranny to name a few. Leading up to the introduction of the authors use of a new tool of transport – the single engine airplane, but not without extracting a terrible price. Experience what it was like to growing up among the dangerous game, hunting the massive caribou herds and absorbing the greatness of the county. Pilots will gain from the flying experiences related, and every boy, man and aviator will be compelled to grapple with its final truth, concluding with a crisis encounter that forever changed the pilot’s life forever. Filmed on Location in Alaska. Premiere’s Spring 2020.

Macy Chanel, The ‘Sugar Baby’ Instagram Influencer In ‘Borat 2’ Is Actually An Actress — BroBible

One of the many interesting things about Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, or Borat 2, is the fact that other than the titular character played by Sacha Baron Cohen, all of the other main players in the film are virtually unknowns. For […]

Macy Chanel, The ‘Sugar Baby’ Instagram Influencer In ‘Borat 2’ Is Actually An Actress — BroBible

Last Looks Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Sept. 2020 CHICAGO Film Festival

LAST LOOKS, 6min, USA, Drama
Directed by Renee J. Vaca
Based on a true story…
When a death occurs suddenly and the family doesn’t respect the deceased final wishes, a friend takes measures into her own hands. The situation is dealt with by showing a whole new meaning to the term friendship, loss, and defiance.


OLE, BENNI AND THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE, 23min., Germany, Drama/Family
Directed by Anna Ludwig
That his friend Benni has the Down syndrome, Ole (11) has never disturbed so far. But now – on the threshold of childhood to youth – their friendship is changing. Ole is in love for the first time and suddenly it’s no longer easy to stand by his friend …