1st Scene Script Reading: Bite Me, by Andy Palmer, Ben Begley

To pay for her dream internship, Dusty Douglas returns to the family business she spent the last decade running from… Professional Bass Fishing. Partnered with a cable access fishing show host, Dusty will have to dethrone her own father and perennial champion, Hank “Large Mouth” Douglas, at a sport that is dubbed, NASCAR with gills.

Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Dack: Sean Ballatyne
Hank: Shawn Devlin
Dusty: Allison Kampf

Writer Biography – Andy Palmer, Ben Begley

Andy Palmer is a multi-award winning film director. His credits include, ‘Witness Infection’, ‘Camp Cold Brook’, ‘The Funhouse Massacre’, Justice For Vincent, ‘Badlands of Kain’ and ‘Find Me’. His current feature, ‘The Re-Education of Molly Singer’ is currently being represented by The Gersh Agency and stars, Britt Robertson, Nico Santos, Ty Simpkins, and Jaime Pressly.

‘Camp Cold Brook’, Executive Produced by legendary film director Joe Dante, won Best Feature at the 2018 Shriekfest and Horrorhound Film Festivals, and was released theatrically in February of 2020.

After winning Best Feature at the 2015 Horrorhound and RIP Film festivals as well as an Official Selection in the highly touted Telluride Horror Show, ‘The Funhouse Massacre’ was released theatrically and became a VOD and DVD hit Type to enter text for distributor, The Shout Factory.

Recently Andy directed ‘Justice for Vincent’ a short film centered around the tragic murder of engineer Vincent Chin in 1982. To date, ‘Justice for Vincent’ has been accepted in 25 international film festivals and has garnered over 17 awards, including, Best Short Film at the 2019 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, The Los Angeles Film Awards and won the Audience Choice Award at the 2019 DisOrient Asian American Film Festival.

In Television Andy recently directed, and was Supervising Producer for the television pilot “Stay Alive” for CMT and 51 Minds Entertainment.

He recently directed the horror comedy feature ‘Witness Infection’, which has been selected to the 2020 HA Comedy Arts Festival, Horrorhound, and Die Laughing Film Festivals. And recently won “Best Director” and “Best Practical Effects” at the 2020 Frostbite Film Festival.

Writer Statement
I’ve been in love with movies since my parents first plunked me
down in front of the TV and Betamax player and hit play.
I approach directing films from the same place as I watch them,
as a fan. Films that I make are films that I would like to sit with
my best friends in a dark basement and watch over and over again.
Good stories, good characters, something to laugh at, someone to
cheer for. If there are interesting characters making interesting
choices, I want to shoot it. Being on set is a magical experience,
and if I can bottle up that magic and successfully project it to an
audience via the screen, I can’t think of any better job than that.


Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:
Best Feature Film: THE LAST CHAMPION
Best Film: A PERFECT STEP…..
Best Performances: MOMENTUM
Best Direction: THE LOCKER ROOM

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

THE LAST CHAMPION. 120min., USA, Drama

Directed by Glenn Withrow
A former championship wrestler is forced to face his past when he returns to the hometown he left in disgrace twenty years earlier. Can he become the hero his town expected… or will he remain a prisoner of his past mistakes?

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

A PERFECT STEP…., 23min,. India, Documentary

Directed by Naumi Barua
The film is a journey of India’s only 7th Dan Taekwondo woman instructor Kiran Upadhya, how and why Taekwondo became her mission in life. She emphasizes on Women empowerment through this art. When women are exposed to this skill, even for a brief time. It boosts their confidence to the highest.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

MOMENTUM, 23min., France, Drama

Directed by Alexandra Favard
Sarah plays rugby at top level and is about to go up a division with her team. When her wife Emily finds out she cannot have children, she asks Sarah to do something the rugby player had never considered: putting her career on hold to carry their child.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

THE LOCKER ROOM, 10min., France, Drama

Directed by Noah Gaoua
Sabrina is the coach of the soccer men’s team at Aubervilliers, Seine Saint-Denis, France. The club plays a decisive match and its star striker is not in good shape. Worse, the police burst into the middle of the match to arrest him. Sabrina ‘s nerves will be put to high stress-test.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

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Watch the MUSIC Short Festival NOW (Free or $1)

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

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See the Full Lineup of Films:

THE 13TH NOTE, 22min., USA

Directed by Karim Khorsheed
Traditional Classical compared to Speed shred metal, music that moves the soul differently in everyone.

WATCH HERE– The audience feedback video of the film!

CLICK HEREand see full info and more pics of the film!


Directed by Joe Morgan
A fallen angel finds himself in a world of suffocating opulence and illusion where nothing is as it seems.

WATCH HERE– The audience feedback video of the film!

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Winning ENVIRONMENTAL Festival SHORT Screenplay: SENIOR DITCH DAY, by Matthew Nicholson

Environmental Film and Screenplay Festival

An elderly woman plans an escape from her nursing home to keep a promise to her late husband during a once-in-a-lifetime meteorological event.


Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Ruth/Hudson: Val Cole
Iris/Nurse Johnson: Kyana Teresa
Gwen/Stacy: Hannah Ehman
Harvey/Jerry: Sean Ballantyne

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Winning ENVIRONMENTAL Festival 1st Scene Reading: Underwater Hazards

Environmental Film and Screenplay Festival

While searching for a great story, a young journalism student swims into the lair of a cannibal Merman Wizard deformed from water pollution.


Narrator: Val Cole
Polly: Kyana Teresa
Anne: Hannah Ehman

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Winning FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene TV Reading: VIKE, by Adam Kelly Morton


Where fantasy meets procedural mystery, a cantankerous Chief Constable must solve crimes AND judge them in a dark and dangerous metropolis. Vike struggles with his own addictions and fears while up against the Arklanen: an underground guild of dark magic, responsible for the death of Vike’s wife.


Narrator: Val Cole
Samra: Kyana Teresa
Proprietor: Hannah Ehman
Vike: Sean Ballantyne

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Winning FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival BEST SCENE Reading: REGENESIS, by Stephonika W. Kaye


Miranda, bent on revenge, crosses paths with Atlas on a desolate world in a withering galaxy. She is faced with the choice to continue on her hellbent path or help him on his journey to save thousands.


Narrator: Val Cole
Miranda: Kyana Teresa
Rigel: Hannah Ehman

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Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival 1st SCENE Reading: Spasm Plague, by David C. Cooper


Synopsis: In this feature, we follow Nick Pettybaker – a sleep-deprived researcher at the University of California who is racing against the clock to complete the “Dome,” a highly advanced machine that can locate and kill brain cancer. After some failed initial attempts, he’s given twenty-four hours to complete this feat. He’s up against Dr. Cochran, a man with a big ego and perhaps an even bigger contempt for Nick and his now-deceased professor, Albert Freeman.


Narrator: Val Cole
Nick: Sean Ballantyne
German Doctor: Shawn Devlin

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