Director Biography – Dylan Mask (CRUEL WORLD)

Dylan is from small town Welland, Ontario. In 2014 he moved to Toronto to pursue his career as an Actor. Working on various projects such as TV shows, Feature Films, Commercials, and Print ads Dylan soaked up as much behind the scenes work as he could to help him develop his own projects. He wrote the comedic YouTube series ‘Out to Lunch’ in 2016 which gained quite a bit of traction in Ontario, Canada. After choosing his initial cast and filming episode one
for ‘Out to Lunch’ there was an awful audio issue and the project had to be scrapped. It was over a year before Dylan settled on a new cast, and crew. Once he did, the project came to life and the rest was history! Although that was Dylan’s directing debut he received strong praise from both the actors on set as well as the established crew he brought on. He used his connections and the lessons learned from ‘Out to Lunch’ to create his most recent drama/thriller ‘Cruel World’. All of the projects Dylan has created have been released and self funded under his own production company ‘behindDAmask Productions’. With all of the projects thus far being written, produced, directed and starred in by Dylan himself. He currently has been assisting up and coming creators in the industry with advice on how to create your own projects on a limited budget. He aims to have an animated comedy series released by 2022.

Director Statement

“If you can make one stranger laugh/cry/feel from something you’ve created. Then all of the hard work and dedication was worth it. Anything more is simply a bonus” -Dylan Mask

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