Short Film: LEA, 10min., Italy, Drama

Set in Italy, it follows a little girl, the eponymous Lea, whose crush on her guitar teacher has become the most significant part of her life and world—which is confined to the country house where she lives with her mother, her father uncaring and absent. It is viper season, and they love the river that Lea frequents. Lea’s mother copes with a strained marriage and the questions that it prompts from her daughter. And the one that threatens to finally tip over the precarious balance—Lea has a crush on her guitar teacher, who she discovers is involved with her mother. Lea’s relationship with her mother is not quite easy. Dealing with a crush which is obviously all-consuming for one so young, Lea is almost always moping. With her failing marriage, a secret affair, and a daughter she is raising alone, Lea’s mother too has a lot on her plate.

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Author: chicagofilmfestival

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