Chicago Feedback Festival Testimonial – June 3 2020

Screenwriter James Zeankowski (Every Purpose Under Heaven)

I was sought out by some LinkedIn connections, and the feedback has been positive overall. Once I have all materials I’m waiting for in my possession, I can better market myself to agents and producers.

Watch the Screenplay Reading:


Red Team Producer – 1 – Sean Ballantyne
Susie – 4 – Andrea Irwin
NARRATION – Adrian Carter
Mayor Tibley – 11 – Sean Ballantyne
Doctor – 2 – Trevor Howes
Green Team Producer – 2 – Laura Afelskie

Chicago Feedback Film Festival Testimonial – May 15 2020

Ralph Klisiewicz

I was honored to screen my film, COLLIDE, at the Chicago FEEDBACK Film Festival. There are two reason why this festival is unique. First, the festival is FREE to attend and the organized reach out to meet-up groups to further promote the festival. Consequently, the event is well attended. Second, the feedback was very informative. I was able to hear unbiased feedback on my film from total strangers. In fact, the audience was not aware that filmmakers were in the audience until the end of the event, so I feel they spoke freely. Moreover, the organizer creates a Youtube video of the responses to the film that I will be using to promote the film on social media. Overall I am very impressed with this concept. Well done!

Ralph Klisiewicz

Chicago Feedback Festival Testimonial – April 30 2020

Filmmaker Yijun Pan (RED THREAD)

I think most of the audience, no matter from this festival or some other festival I’ve screened before, they are amazed by the cinematography and the crispy sound, but they don’t really understand what the short film is about because of the cultural differences. Still, after I explain and also show one of our documentaries short called “The Making of Red Thread,” people realize the meaning behind the story, they gave me excellent feedback!

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Chicago Feedback Festival Testimonial – April 23 2020

Dave Orvis

Although I wasn’t available to attend the festival itself, I am VERY delighted that Chicago P.I. was chosen as the winning TV pilot script. The festival’s actors did a superb job performing a table read of my project and posting it on-line. Thank you. I will certainly enter this festival again.

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Chicago Feedback Festival Testimonial – April 22 2020

Sean Chandler

I had a great experience with The Chicago FEEDBACK Film Festival! Having my script read by their talented actors and providing a recording of that reading was invaluable in the process of moving the project forward! I highly recommend this festival!!!

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