Chicago Feedback Festival Testimonial – June 3 2020

Screenwriter James Zeankowski (Every Purpose Under Heaven)

I was sought out by some LinkedIn connections, and the feedback has been positive overall. Once I have all materials I’m waiting for in my possession, I can better market myself to agents and producers.

Watch the Screenplay Reading:


Red Team Producer – 1 – Sean Ballantyne
Susie – 4 – Andrea Irwin
NARRATION – Adrian Carter
Mayor Tibley – 11 – Sean Ballantyne
Doctor – 2 – Trevor Howes
Green Team Producer – 2 – Laura Afelskie

Winning Feature Screenplay: CRUISIN’, by Jamie Benyon

Two bickering, joint smokin’, coke dealin’ drug dealers – Tuckman and Big H – discuss life’s important topics as they contemplate leaving the lifestyle and starting something new.


Narrator: Esther Thibault
Jones: Brandon Knox
TZ: Hadi Kubba
Tuckman: Luke Robinson
Hanna: Rosalie Vagalatis
Big H; Sebastian Dean Biasucci
Lydia: Tiffany Davidson